Now before you read this headline and think I am advocating buying a sofa for your customer, let me explain. Although WE know how much time it would take us to set our show and be ready to perform, the client is always the “nervous one” about your arrival time, plus many other issues. Maybe in the past they were stood up by an act that didn’t show, or maybe an act arrived with just minutes to spare, whatever the reason, the person in charge of the event is always nervous … and rightfully so!

A client’s name and reputation is on the line whenever they book something for the company, or school, or whatever venue. If it goes well, they bask in the glory of a job well done. If not, well, their own job may be in jeopardy.

Make things as easy and comfortable for the client as possible. Bring your own equipment and sound system, don’t make it a last minute scavenger hunt for them to dig up equipment for you. Give them a definite arrival time so they will know when to expect you. It may only take 10 minutes for you to set up, but get there forty five minutes to one hour in advance so they won’t worry.

You can also give the client your cell number so they can call if something comes up at the last minute. All of these safety nets makes the client more willing to hire an entertainer, most certainly YOU, the next time they need something. Also check to see what type of audience you are working for. The show you do for a group of pastors will probably be geared differently than for factory workers. Let your client know you are aware of the group and that your act will be appropriate, and ALWAYS clean and in good taste. If you make their job easier, the client will remember that in the future, and that leads to repeat dates!