Maher Ventriloquist Radio – The Start Of Something New

Maher Ventriloquist Radio

Things are changing here at Maher Ventriloquist Studios. Maher Ventriloquist Radio is now becoming a part of the IVS member services. That means to hear future (and past) episodes, you will need to become a member of the International Ventriloquist Society.

Not a member of the IVS? You can join by clicking on this link. For $35 a year, you not only get to continue listening to Maher Ventriloquist Radio, but you will get issues of the IVS Spotlight, our online newsletter and upcoming IVS Member Only Webinars.

Join us today - you will be glad you did!

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Tom Crowl, creator of, Professional ventriloquist.



  • Aleida Quick

    March 7, 2016

    You didn’t see my hand up, Tom! I truly do enjoy the shows and I’m very glad that I won’t have to miss any of them, being a member of IVS. Thank you, all three of you, for all your hard work on putting these together, along with everything else you do. Another great one!

  • Absolutely love the radio spots and Maher Studios. I really like the idea of the IVS gaming more value. I tell everyone I talk to about ventriloquism to really think about joining the IVS. I’m really looking forward to the upcoming webinars. Thanks guys. It appreciated more than you know.

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