how to get library shows

Library Shows

Almost every library has them. But how do you get them?

The competition is stiff. Professionals, part-time pros and weekend warriors are all vying for the dates.

Who do you talk to?

When should you talk to them?

What can you charge?

How do you market?

And once you have the gig, what should you do?

America’s foremost kid show ventriloquist Mark Wade teamed up with Tom Crowl to present an information packed workshop at the 2018 Vent Haven ConVENTion.

You will learn:

  • Exactly what librarians are looking for in an entertainer.
  • Why libraries host the programs and the goals they have for the event.
  • How to get the library’s summer reading program theme over a year in advance.
  • What you need to have for a successful library show.
  • Ways to incorporate books into your program.
  • Formulas for program presentation.
  • When you should arrive.
  • What you should do when you arrive.
  • Ways to become a librarian’s favorite act.
  • Who you should contact.
  • When you should contact them.
  • How you should contact them.
  • Library Showcases? What are they & how do they work?
  • Successful showcase strategies.
  • What you shouldn’t do at a showcase.
  • What type of marketing materials you will need.
  • Where you can get them.
  • Pricing strategies for block booking.
  • Should you charge travel fees?
  • How you must look at library shows.
  • Tom’s theme WOW factor.
  • Resources for artwork.
  • Resources for supplies.

After hearing details from two professionals, you won’t need to wonder anymore. You will know what to do, how to do it and most important, when to do it.

If you like working kid shows, the library summer reading program market is definitely for you. It can pack your summer full of shows and earn you a tidy sum by the end of the season.

Tom & Mark’s advice will save you frustration and help you gain the upperhand from the start.

If you only booked one extra show from this content, you’d more than pay for the video.

But we know if you follow this advice,
this investment will pay you back
again and again and again,
year after year after year.

60+ minutes of streaming online video.

Examples of marketing materials.

And links to online resources.




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