In this ever changing world, the one thing you can do for yourself as a working ventriloquist is to “keep up”. What exactly does that mean? It means know what’s going on in the world of ventriloquism, who’s doing it, and making a concerted effort to find out about our past heritage. To some our past heritage is just that…the past. But to benefit from what others in the past have done you need to know some of the history of our art, as well as know who are the “movers and shakers” of today’s vent world.

I am dismayed at how many young vents have no knowledge of the Great Lester, Edgar Bergen, Paul Winchell, and others who have added so much to our rich heritage. If you are unfamiliar with these names and what they have accomplished for vent, spend some time at Vent Haven Museum looking at the displays and taking in what they have done. Look these famous vents up online and get some info on what they did. Likewise to keep up you should keep abreast of what the modern day vents, figure makers and puppet creators are doing. Two of he best things you can do is to 1. ATTEND THE VENT HAVEN ConVENTION and 2. Join the International Ventriloquist Society. The Vent Haven ConVENTion will give you the opportunity to see and learn about modern day vents, as well as learn about the past vents who went before us via the Vent Haven Museum. To find out more about the ConVENTion , please visit our site at: and download a brochure.

It goes without saying that the International Ventriloquist Society or IVS is the place to see what vents of today are doing. It is the only organization of it’s kind in the world and will open up the window of opportunity to you to see and share what brother and sister vents from many lands are doing. Join today and you definitely will be “keeping up”!.

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