I once had a call from a young aspiring ventriloquist asking “Where do I buy a puppet that’s as funny as Jeff Dunham’s “Peanut’ character? “. I was taken back for a moment, until I realized this person was serious. I gently explained that Jeff was the talent behind “Peanut” and Jeff could take an old handkerchief over his hand and make it funny. I think the vent got the message, and while a great looking puppet is important, it’s the talent of the vent that makes the difference.

Too often we are looking for a vehicle (puppet) that will instantly catapult us into stardom. Often we forget that it takes work..lots and lots of hard work..to make a great act. A good puppet is always an asset, but the talent of the vent must shine through to make things complete. To be on the cutting edge you must have discipline to practice and rehearse; you must be willing to accept some momentary setbacks; and you must have determination that you will not give up your dream. Creativity, work, and determination must be your constant companions.

Determine what vent market is best for you by trying them all. Once you get a taste of what suits you and your style, go after this market with every ounce of courage that you can. Nothing worth doing ever comes easy at first. If this sounds like a pep talk..it is!   Don’t put it all on a good puppet, put it all on yourself like Jeff did and make it work for you!images

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