A motivational speaker I heard once said “it takes dedication to get the job done!” and no truer words can be said, especially when it comes to the art of ventriloquism. Let’s face it, ventriloquism is not instant gratification. It definitely takes work..lots and lots of work…to get it right. It takes dedication to put together a routine, to take the time to rehearse, and then to work out the “bugs” through doing shows. It’s not easy, and the low number of vents in our community versus clowns and magicians speaks to that.

To be a top performer means hours of hard work and many simply do not want to put in the effort to make it happen. I once had an aspiring vent call me and ask where he could buy a puppet that was funnier than Jeff Dunhm’s “Peanut’. I had to patiently explain to him that the secret was Jeff’s dedication to his art. Jeff could take an old sock and make it funny. It was the not the puppet..it was the dedicated performer.

Take a moment and look at your own dedication. If things are not going the way you feel it should with your vent act, maybe it’s time to look at your dedication and then dig in to make your vent dreams come true. Let your dedication show through to your audiences by giving them the absolute best you have to offer. Re-dedicate yourself and then move forward!

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