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  1. Douglas Morrison

    Great job Tom, putting this together. Really enjoy every issue.

  2. GaryRay Howell

    I always enjoyed your comments that you share for the IVS issues. You give excellent advice and have wonderful comments.

  3. Dennis Murphy

    Thanks, Tom, for another great IVS Spotlight. I don’t know how you manage to find the time to do all this with your performance schedule but good on you..

  4. Katerina Sopidi

    Love it! 😉 <3

  5. Conny Ray

    Tom, I am still impressed what you and your team produce every three months. The contents is of great value and the presentation is top. Send you a thank you from Sweden.

  6. Ann Seeton

    Canada corner hit home for me. I’ve been struggling with feeling depressed that I’m not progressing faster. Feeling that if I’m still working on making my skills worthy of being professional and perhaps not getting a chance to do any shows this year that I’m failing. I feel encouraged by the be good, be professional, that part time business being lesser than full time is fertilizer. I just needed to hear that.

    • Neale Bacon

      Thank you Ann for your kind words on my Canadian Corner this issue. It is so true. Don’t let the braggers and boasters intimidate you. Work at being good and professional in the way you do your show. Whether that ever becomes full time or not, be proud that you offer good professional entertainment.

      I have been both part time and full, but for the time I am on stage, I am a proud professional entertainer and do my best to deliver that to my audience.

      Hang in there. Hope we meet some time at the convention and we can talk shop with the best of them LOL

  7. Ken Groves

    It brings a tear to my eye to see what you have done with our baby, the IVS. You have made the IVS bigger and better and your contributors are just GREAT. Keep up the good work and if you ever need anything… know the number.

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