Today marks the 16th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. If you were alive in 2001, I have no doubt you remember exactly where you were when this happened.

I was in Georgia at a county fair. The fair was to open that evening. It was a beautiful, warm, calm morning when I opened the door on my trailer to head to the office. My purpose was to get my show schedule for that night.

Only one person was in the office. He was on the phone. I heard him say “…the World Trade Center? And the Pentagon?” I turned around and headed back. On the way, I saw Dierdre and told her something was going on.

We, along with the rest of the world, were glued to the television set that day. The sense of loss was enormous. So many people gone in an instant. An insane act caused by misguided men.

Other fair vendors would stop by and give us updates. We were not sure the fair would open. They did.

I had to perform that night. I only did one show that I can recall. There was an audience of three people. Walking on-stage I said “This has been a tough day. I think we could all use a few laughs …”

After the show, I went up to those three and thanked them for coming out. I let them know I appreciated their laughter. They in turn thanked me. The woman told me she had been watching television all day. She needed to get out. She needed a change of focus. She got that thanks to my performance.

It made me realize again exactly how we can affect those who watch us.

Please, go make someone smile today and let them know you care.


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