This summer’s Vent Haven International conVENTion has the theme of Improvement.

Mark Wade asked me to present a lecture, which we titled Improving Your Brand.

Most people think of a brand as a professional marketing tool. It distinguishes one product or service from another. I can almost imagine people thinking “I’m not a professional so why do I need to worry about branding?”

What you may not realize is everything you do reflects on you. It becomes a part of your image or brand. People judge others based on perceptions. If you don’t control what the public sees, they will judge you too.

One mistake I see is people airing grievances on social media. Or talking about a bad performance. Some argue with others in online forums. These things give others ammunition to form a negative opinion.

Can you be positive a client won’t Google your name and find an old posting that casts a bad light on you? Can you be certain that won’t influence the potential for a future performance?

Even if you are only doing ventriloquism as a hobby, this type of thing can impact you. How you look, how you act, your equipment, the way you talk – it all creates an impression. Not just on clients, but your audience.

So for this summer’s lecture I’m going to tackle a lot of important things. Ideas that your peers may not even consider. When it is over, my goal for you is to provide concepts that will help you make positive changes in both your show and your life.

I hope you will come see me!

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