Queen sang these lyrics in 1989 and had a hit.

The words still sum up today’s culture and the instant gratification that comes from a perceived privilege that many share.

Today, people see Darci Lynn win America’s Got Talent and think – I can do this too!

I don’t need years of practice – she did it – and they say she was self-taught.

She wasn’t. Darci never claimed she was to my knowledge. I heard the AGT judges say it time and again. But not Darci.

So here is this young lady, a kid when she won. And she is suddenly famous, earning millions a year.

And it creates a false impression that fame is instantaneous.

So young kids decide they want to become instantly famous as a self taught ventriloquist.

Older ventriloquists start to complain because THEY have done this for years. Where is their fame? Why is life so unfair to them? They should be famous and earning millions too.

So to make themselves look better, they start creating excuses, or stories, or even putting down others.

And it really isn’t becoming at all.

I see this and shake my head in disappointment.

There are people who I had always admired, who I now see feel betrayed and bitter they didn’t get their fame.

When I see this posted on social media, it lowers my opinion.

How can it not?

Overnight fame is rare.

And it is seldom overnight.

You don’t think there are coaches involved? People working behind the scenes on the behalf of these overnight success stories?

It isn’t just a fluke in most cases.

When I was a kid, my parents taught me an ethic.

You need to work your butt off for everything you want. No one owes me anything – ever. But if I work hard enough, I may achieve my goals.

MAY – achieve my goals.

No guarantees.

The only thing I was ever guaranteed was: if I didn’t follow my dreams, I would some day regret it.

There were no promises of success.

No promises of wealth.

Just the knowledge that if I do something I love, treat other people right and work to help others by making them laugh or help them follow their path, my life would be rewarding.

And at some point people forgot to pass along this important knowledge.

Life isn’t about fame. It isn’t about money, and it certainly isn’t easy.

But you only get so many minutes here on Earth.

Don’t waste them complaining about how life isn’t fair. Or putting down others, or creating stories trying to make yourself look better.

Spend those minutes helping others – because that is how you will be remembered.