I have touched on this in the past in some of my writings but it is worth repeating , and even adding some additional tips. If you are a working vent, no matter if you a pro or amateur, you should think in terms of having an emergency kit with you to handle, well, emergencies. Let’s talk about this a bit in this installment.

The emergency kit can be custom made to your particular needs. I use exclusively soft puppets, so my emergencies are going to be different than someone using a hard ventriloquist figure. I always carry a glue gun, so I can plug it in and make a quick fix if something is torn open or falls off of one of my characters. I also carry a needle and thread and there or four small spools of different colored thread. I usually stock brown, black , gray, and a transparent thread. I’m not he world’s greatest seamstress but if I have difficulty usually someone at the venue will take mercy on me and help me sew something back if I am having trouble. But if I didn’t have these items , I would just be out of luck.

I also carry a backup microphone, in the event something would happen to my primary microphone, and some additional mic cord. In my car I carry 150 feet of extension cord so I will be able to get power no matter how far away the outlet might be.

It’s a wise thing to also carry some index cards and a marker or pen, in the event you have to take notes or have to MC a show. As I mentioned earlier, if you are working with a hard figure, a small bottle of touch up paint might come in handy in the case you get a scratch.

Now you can’t carry all of this if you are flying to a show, but this kit is a lifesaver if you drive to most of your dates. Take a few moments and think about what you use in your show and be sure you have backups and emergency items that fit YOU. Also a bottle of asprin and some bandaids is a good idea as well. This is going to be the little box you put under the seat that will insure you being able to carry on no matter what!

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