Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! This is the time of the year when you hear people asking you to “give”, and rightfully so. We are blessed, each and everyone of us, in a multitude of ways that we often forget. We here at Maher also think it’s important to “give” as well. One of our missions is to give back to the vent community with good products and services. With the creation of the International Ventriloquist Society (IVS), Maher was able to fill a huge hole in our community. Vents everywhere needed a vehicle to get out the news and ideas, and we hope the “IVS Spotlight” is doing that for you. That’s how we give back.

Another way we are giving is to keeping our blog going, picking up where Clinton Detweiler left off. Each week we give you ideas that make you think, and in turn make you better ventriloquists. That’s how we give back.

We also have a forum for vents to exchange ideas and get questions answered. That’s how we give back.

But enough about are YOU giving back? Hopefully it is bringing smiles to an audience, and doing vent in the best way possible, which in turn promotes our art. It is showing people the skill of ventriloquism, and the joys of laughter. Hopefully your New Year’s resolution will be to help us expand the vent community, but do it in an informed and positive way. Ventriloquism is something special, and we here at Maher are proud to carry the banner and hope we can all give back just a bit more in 2015.

Merry Christmas from Mark, Ken, and Tom…your Maher team

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