I know we’ve talked about this important thing in the past but it still bears repeating. You can’t be all things to all people or audiences. You will go through a period at the beginning of your performing career where you try different markets. This is important for you to find out what you like to do vent-wise and more importantly, what you DO NOT like. That’s not saying you have to stick strictly to one specific market, as there is some room to cross over occasionally, but for the large part you need to experiment at to find what’s uniquely “you” when it comes to performing.

At the start of my career I did comedy clubs and lounge shows, in addition to my kidshows. I also did banquets and after dinner performing. and I found that I was successful in all of these arenas, but I really found my choice audiences were the kiddies. I then devoted myself to this market and found I was a standout in this niche (hope that didn’t come off as bragging..). I branched out into the various kidshow markets such as library shows, school shows, company and corporate shows for kids and I was on my way.

The important thing is to be very good at the market(s) you want to work. Have the right material, the right puppets, and most especially the right attitude. If you are working the church show circuit, be the BEST vent that you can be in this market. The same holds true for any other venue you may work!

As my friend Johnny Main used to tell me, “Work is work!” and he was absolutely right! Have at it and be successful!!

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