Lesson Two Follow-Up Exercises


Denny shared so much during that interview.   I think the main points he made in the video can be tied into being genuine, treating the audience as individuals and making friends with everyone in the room. 

Give conscious thought to how you can work to achieve these things.  When you practice, practice these techniques.  When you get on stage, think about implementing these things.

I wanted to share an example of how Denny does this.

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Did you watch it?  Denny’s tone of voice, body language, the lighting, the interaction with the volunteers and all of the other little nuances really make a difference.  You have to pay attention to everything you do on-stage!

I want to leave you today with Denny’s closing remarks – Passion – Know Your Act – Know Your Art – No Fear – Let Your Talent Out!  These words speak volumes for the work ahead of you as you try to hone your show and develop your showmanship.  

Know this: You can do it! 

Talk soon,

Tom Crowl


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I know it is tough not to jump ahead in the videos – and chances are you may have already gone through them all. But if so, let me say this … showmanship and stage presence aren’t something that just happen by watching videos. You must apply the lessons. You must think about how each keypoint translates to your act.

Then you must start to implement them. And rehearse them – and do so until each of these keypoints becomes instinct. 

Today I want you to think about another of Denny’s revelations in his second interview: 

  • There Are Conditions You Can Not Control. You need to gauge the audience’s mood and work hard to reach them.

I’d love for you to go back to watch Denny’s interviews again.  He gave so much valuable advice.  While the videos will be there to refer back anytime you like, I want to make certain you get as much out of them as you can.

In the second part of Denny’s interview, he talked about those conditions and situations you cannot control.  Your job is to quickly access the mood of the audience and make a connection.  If things are glum or the mood is bad, don’t be afraid to acknowledge that.  It shows that you are one of them and you care they have a great time.

Practice your act as if you were working in front of an audience.  Make eye contact, smile, interact.  During the show, make it real – don’t just follow rehearsed moves.  Acknowledge people and they will react to you.

Talk soon,

Tom Crowl



You’ve spent a week immersed in Denny’s videos.  He taught a lot – but the course is just beginning. 

Today, we talk to someone from another variety art.  Michael Hilby is known internationally as Hilby – The Skinny German Juggle Boy.  Today starts a two part interview that shares how he connects with audiences around the world.

It is now time for Lesson Three.  To see the video, go to:


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Enjoy the interview and I look forward to seeing you on the site!

Talk soon,

Tom Crowl




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