Today’s blog post was originally entitled: Gifts For Ventriloquists.

But if you check, that article was actually released on November 20th.

All because I hurried too much.

Instead of scheduling the post to release today, I missed something and it published as soon as I finished it. In the past, I have quickly gone back and corrected the situation, but that led to problems. Our system sends out an email when a post publishes. It also creates a FaceBook post.

People would come to the website, not find the article and wonder what it wrong. Then I would spend an hour responding to emails with “I am an idiot.”

When we hurry, we miss things.

When we hurry, things aren’t always right.

That happens in every phase of life, work, relationships and hobbies to name a few.

For many reading this post, ventriloquism is a hobby. Most don’t earn money with it. Or else do limited shows.

But no matter if you are a hobbyist, part time or full time professional, don’t hurry.

When you hurry, you miss the trip. Enjoy the journey, you will learn much more than if you hurry.

Besides, ventriloquism is fun and takes time to master.

So don’t hurry!