Going to vent gatherings like the Vent Haven ConVENTion and Ventarama can be great fun. You get to talk to fellow vents, watch great shows, and have the opportunity to attend seminars, lectures, and workshops. But did you learn anything ? , and that’s the question!

Although audio recording and video taping is frowned upon at these meetings, did you take the time to make notes, both mental and on paper? These notes when properly organized can be the nucleus of you developing better skills. Organizers of these vent events try to bring in the best teachers and performers possible and although you may know a lot already, you can always learn something new. As my wife said to me when she went to clown conventions, you can always learn what NOT to do as well, and that can be valuable.

Vent Haven ConVENTion is over, and Ventarama (in the UK) will soon be here. The VHC (short for Vent Haven ConVENTion) is still fresh in your minds and if you saw something or heard something worthwhile, NOW is the time to write it down for future reference. Pale ink is better than the best memory!

Maybe the person you were watching had lecture notes or a book. Did you these items to add to your vent library? Maybe it’s still not too late to contact your favorite lecturer and still get them.

Knowledge is power, and vent knowledge can lead to a great career in this amazing art. Write down TODAY what you learned just a few short days ago. Your act will thank you for it!

To contact Mark: kidshowvent@gmail.com