Maybe you’ve forgotten, or maybe you just put it off..but this is a reminder that to be eligible to participate in the Junior or Senior Open Mics at Vent Haven this summer you NEED TO BE REGISTERED AS AN ATTENDEE. That means I must have your registration here at VHC headquarters before the March 11 email requests for entry into either of these events. We will take the first 8 who email me with a request to be in either on Wednesday, MARCH 11 at 10 AM (don’t do it any earlier as I only go by those emails that are at 10 AM for that morning). We will take the first 8, with 4 alternates in each division in case someone drops out. Requests made without being a paid attendee will be disqualified.

I wish everyone luck and please get those registrations in to be to be a part of the these events. It’s the only place you can get usefull critiques by professional ventriloquists! Send in your registrations by PayPal today! Please check this out by going to: