I was watching a movie. At the end, the credits began to scroll.

I hung around to watch.

There were some funny clips that kept popping up along the way. They made me want to stay until the screen dimmed and the lights came up.

That time made me appreciate the number of people that go into the creation of a motion picture. The number of jobs created to bring it to the big screen. The same is true of television shows, live theater and even your act.

Your act? Really?

Do you have a puppet? Who made that? Who created the material that went into your character? Who wrote the basis of the script or lines you use? Are they all original, or were they adapted from stock or street jokes?

Who created your cases? Your sound equipment? The venue you perform in? How did you get there? Who was involved?

Do you have a family? Did they put up with countless hours of your practice? Did they laugh at the jokes you shared? Or advise you to change or leave something out?

How do you thank these people?

Sure, presenting a killer show is one way.

You may not be sure how to acknowledge them any other way. You may not even know some of the people involved.

But you do know your family and friends.

If they were not supportive, it would be much harder to get on-stage and make others smile. So let’s not forget to thank those that help us.

The wife who has a job to help cover expenses or insurance. The kids who miss Mom or Dad because they are at a show. The parents who helped you get that new puppet, or drove you to a show.

Take a moment to let them know you appreciate them before the end of the movie.


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