When my son Brett was in high school marching band his director had a saying that rings true for all of us, “To be on time is to be late; to be early is to be on time!”. In other words, get to your appointment / show early so you have time to gather your thoughts, think about what you are about to do, and be prepared to give a great performance. This is vitally important, especially for us ventriloquists.

If a piece of equipment is broken while in transit to a show, if you arrive JUST in time you may not have an opportunity to fix it correctly, if at all. Your performance will suffer due to the fact that not enough extra time was allotted for such emergencies. Maybe at the last minute your client had to change venues for the show and you need time to react to this. Being early helps smooth this over.

Client comfort is also a big consideration. Many times performers will saunter in just minutes before show time and the client is anxious with fear that the performer may not show up at all. Getting there early helps sooth the client’s fears. Believe it or not, many performers feel hey only need 10 minutes to set up, and maybe that’s true. But he CLIENT needs more time to be reassured there will be a performer that day.

Getting to a date early is such a minor thing, but it has a big impact. It may be the difference as to whether you are asked back or not!

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