Anyone who knows me and knows my work can answer this question in ONE word…YES! Kidshows are a legitimate part of show business. The clientele is different, granted, but the same good principles of show business apply, whether you are doing kidshows or corporate events. It’s all in the APPROACH that makes the difference. I’ve seen terrible corporate acts, like I’ve seen terrible kidshow acts. It’s the degree of professionalism that matters and how you approach this specialized branch of show business.

A good (or great) kidshow performer will not just throw something together and say “It’s just for kids it doesn’t matter!”. This performer will block his show (put the equipment and props in place and then practice moving around the equipment so the flow will be correct), practice and practice the lines until they are second nature, and look for all angles for best audience viewing. This pro will also practice setting the act up and striking (taking down) the act, so that everything is in place and everything has a place. Also notes will be taken or video shot so the performer can see him or herself as the audience would. So far just the same as a corporate entertainer!

The advantage most kidshow vents/ performers have is that you will work for less money but get a lot more shows, which keeps your skills sharpened, and also will give you a good cash flow so it isn’t “feast or famine” when it comes to getting money. I think sometimes people have a bad attitude about kidshows because they are so numerous. That’s because there are many more opportunities to perform for kids versus the corporate crowd.

The biggest plus..the kids WANT to be entertained while in the corporate arena often these folks HAVE to be there because the company/ boss demands it. We HAVE to entertain this group and their enthusiasm, or lack thereof, shows. Say what you will be there is nothing like being the hero to loads of kids who cheer and clap enthusiastically. No one in this crowd has to posture or try to impress.

Are kidshows REAL show business? Absolutely!!