The Art Of The Kid Show

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Learn the secrets of the most popular form of ventriloquism!

Your shows for kids can have greater impact, fun and marketability! Using dynamic in-studio instruction coupled with live performance examples from actual shows, America’s Premier Ventriloquist For Children, Mark Wade, will show you how on this entertaining and educational two part video:

Part I – Mark Wade Live And On Stage:

  • Audience Management Techniques
  • Audience Warmups
  • The Importance of Theme Shows and Color
  • Most Effective Types of Puppets & How To Use Them
  • Humor: Setup Lines, Punch & Tag Lines, Running Gags
  • Audience Participation & How To Select Volunteers
  • Best Show Length For Various Age Groups

Part II – Mark Wade One-on-One Interview:

  • Where and How To Find Joke Material For Kids
  • How to Select a Show Theme and Use Key Words
  • Humor: Having Fun With a Purpose
  • Puppet Selection: Size, Type and Color
  • Preparing School and Library Shows
  • Kid Show Business: Marketing, Advertising, Pricing & More

Laugh as you learn from the expert. Discover why Kid Show Ventriloquism is the most popular use of the art! You can earn some big dollars working the ever increasing Kid Show market. This amazing video will show you how!

The Art Of The Kid Show On-Line Video – $14.95

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