“It’s just another New Year’s Eve,
Another night like all the rest,
It’s just another New Year’s Eve,
Let’s make it the best …”

Those are the words from a Barry Manilow song.

Didn’t have to look it up. I know it by heart.

I am such a loser.

Today is New Year’s Eve – a night that carries a lot of significance.

But it is just another night.

Think about the guy who said: This is the day our world begins a new journey around the sun.

I’ve never seen a start/finish line in space.

That guy had influence.

He knew how to use it too – because now the whole world follows his guideline.

Of course, it might have been his wife who said it. But you know a guy took credit for it.

As I look back at 2018, I see a lot of things I did that were good.

I also see where I failed. What I didn’t do. Where things went wrong both personally and professionally.

The good news is, that just like every new day – New Years Day is a time when we can start fresh.

It is the new chance to be better. To improve. To create the life and career we want.

If we can end old habits, and start new lives any time, why does this day hold so much importance?

Only because we give it that power.

But because we preceive the day as important, they add extra emphasis to our dreams, desires and goals.

So use that power.

Decide what you want to accomplish in the next twelve months around the sun.

Write these goals and dreams down. Maybe even add a few steps you can take to get started.

Me, I’ll be drinking beer and watching American football.

I raise my glass to you and wish you an amazing 2019!

What are your goals for 2019?

Comment below to challenge yourself publicly – then check back in and update us as you master each of them!