Last week I mentioned checking out Clinton’s blog again. I found an article that he wrote and felt it was worth sharing here again.


Question:  I am new to ventriloquism … and wondering how to prevent my throat from moving when I am working with my puppet.  I am certain there must be a way as I have watched other females on You Tube and there appears to be no throat movement. I am planning to go onto children’s wards with my puppet so I am very determined to learn but don’t want to form bad habits early on.
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From Mr.D:  Throat movement is a result of the movement of the tongue.  It is not a vocal issue.  Obviously, the ventriloquist needs an active tongue!   You’ll not want to hear this, but I have yet to hear from anyone who has a remedy for actually eliminating throat movement when speaking in either the ventriloquist voice (or normal voice).  I have heard of several ways of trying to hide the movement.  Such as:
1) Keep your head down as much as possible.
2) Wear turtle necks.
3) Grow a beard.

My advice?  Work to prepare and present an act that is highly entertaining.  Give your vent figure “life”, comedy and action.  People will be so busy watching your pal’s movements and laughing at your act, they won’t even notice any throat movement you might have.

Great advice from the master. I really miss him.