Have you ever noticed something you hadn’t before? Maybe something you pass every day has changed. Or you see something new in a movie you’ve watched before. It happens to people every day. Has it happened to you?

Sometimes our mind focuses on what we expect. It takes review to open ourselves up to other possibilities. As students we review before a test. Have you carried that habit forward?

I’m surprised how often I get basic questions about ventriloquism from people who have been practicing for a while. My answer usually includes a reference to a particular lesson that I know they have taken. The common response is: “I forgot that was in there!”

When was the last time you cracked open the Maher Course of Ventriloquism and read it? Or watched the Learn Ventriloquism videos? Or took the time to read any one of the other courses or books out there?

Successful people never stop learning. Sometimes learning means reviewing what you think you already know.

Clinton Detweiler once told me I should go back and review the Maher Course every so often. I do. It is amazing what I find each time I start reading. And I’ve been doing this for awhile!

I hope you’ll take a moment for yourself in the upcoming week to review and read a bit. It will help you to become a better ventriloquist and appreciate the art even more.


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