On January 1, Mark and Ken officially stepped down from Maher Studios.

As you may know, Maher has been through many transitions over the years. Originally created by Fred Maher, the studio was run by his wife Madeline following Fred’s death. Madeline in turn sold the studio to Clinton & Adelia Detweiler.

It was during Clinton’s years at the helm that Maher Studios grew in prominence. Clinton’s help and advice kept the art growing during a period of limited visibility. But even Clinton’s energy was unable to keep the business profitable.

His daughter Joy assumed the helm of Maher for a short time. Clinton did all he could to help, but they finally made a tough decision. Maher Studios closed.

Even with the Studio closed, Clinton continued to share on his blog almost daily. He continued to make, sell and repair figures. He also sold the remaining Maher stock through his blog and on eBay. When Clinton passed, the future of Maher Studios was not promising.

At that time, the Detweiler family approached Mark Wade about taking over. Mark brought in both Ken Groves and myself to assist in the rebirth of Maher. It was a ton of work trying to bring the business back to life. Luckily the work was fun and we had a passion for its success.

Now Maher enters a new era. I first want to thank Mark & Ken for all they have done. I want to thank the Detweiler family for their faith and support. Plus, I want to thank everyone who has reached out with their positive words and offers of help.

I intend to do my best to live up to the legacy of Maher Studios. Let me know how I may be of help!


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