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Saying Things That Aren’t Popular …

"What do you think of my video?" "Did you see my FaceBook post?" "Do you like my new vent figure?" Do you want the truth? Or acceptance? Or do you want the facts? When I started, Ken Groves used to critique me. He still does. After seeing my...

How To Hone Your Act & Your Skills

Last week I wrote an article on knowing the history of the art. As part of my research, I started watching some Arthur Worsley videos. Most were during his heyday as a young ventriloquist. In one he was much older. I started thinking about...

Know Your Past

Today, if you ask young vents to name a famous ventriloquist, they usually reply Jeff Dunham, Terry Fator or Darci Lynne. Some find that discouraging. They feel the new generation doesn't know or care about the past. I'm not so sure about that....

I Can’t Afford It …

I can't afford that. I really want it, but I just can't afford it. How often do we use that excuse? You may be thinking: That isn't an excuse! It is a fact of life! Maybe, but we tend to bring things into our lives that we "really" want. Like that meal you...

Ask Tom

I used to do a question and answer video program over on Learn-Ventriloquism.com. The number of questions slowed down, so I stopped. No reason I can't answer questions here. I purchased several of the Maher Ventriloquism Course Kindle books and love them....

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