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Tom Crowl’s Learn-Ventriloquism Course

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Ventriloquism For Beginners (And Advanced Vents Too!)

Everyday I get emails from people wondering how to get started in ventriloquism. It would be very easy for me to say - go to Learn-Ventriloquism.com, pay me $97 and you will have the best course available. (According to Terry Fator and my students!) While I do believe...

Gifts For Ventriloquists

Have a ventriloquist on your gift list? If so, here are a couple of perfect gifts for ventriloquists this holiday season! While some feel a puppet would be an ideal gift, it isn't the best idea. Why?  Because a ventriloquist creates a character for their performance....


Do you ever feel overwhelmed? I do. When that happens, your productivity goes out the window. You are looking at everything you have to do and the mountain seems too high to climb. That gets discouraging. Which leads to feeling overwhelmed. Which leads to frustration....

Favorite Posts

Have you been reading the Maher Studios blog for awhile? I know I have. Once and awhile I try to look at articles I have written to see if I should update a topic. It also helps me to find gaps where I can write about different subjects. As I was looking back trying...

Relationship Problems

One of the things I hear from beginning vents, as well as those who have been around awhile, is the problem they have writing scripts. If you can't write your own material, you are stuck doing standard dialogs, copying or using jokes from the Internet. True that many...

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