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Working Comedy Clubs

At the Vent Haven ConVENTion, there was a lecture on working comedy clubs by two young ventriloquists: Jake LaMarca and Jeffrey Goltz. Having worked some clubs and ran a room or two, I was anxious to get their take on things. Unfortunately, I was doing a...

Trouble Writing Scripts?

Script writing seems to be the bain of most ventriloquists. Do you have trouble writing scripts? "I don’t know what to write." "I never have any good ideas." "I’m not funny." "Can’t I just use some jokes out of joke books?" Chances are, at some point you may have sat...

Another New Year’s Eve

"It's just another New Year's Eve, Another night like all the rest, It's just another New Year's Eve, Let's make it the best ..." Those are the words from a Barry Manilow song. Didn't have to look it up. I know it by heart. I am such a loser. ...

Trivia For Ventriloquists

How well do you know your ventriloquism history? Today we've got a short 10 question quiz for you to test your knowledge. It is just for fun, so no pressure. You are the only one who will know - unless you share your results with the world. In fact, after...

Tips On How To Be Discovered

I received an email asking if I could offer some tips to help someone be "discovered." First, I was thinking, you should probably ask someone who was discovered. But then again, I do know the answer. So today I will share the secret of: How to be...

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