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How To Become Famous

How To Become Famous As A Ventriloquist Or Become Famous At What You Do ...   No doubt there are already those thinking - well YOU aren't famous - so how would you know? Why should I listen to you? True, I'm not. And what is more - I don't want to be....

Vent Haven International Ventriloquist ConVENTion

This July 18th - 21st, the 2018 Vent Haven International Ventriloquist ConVENTion will take place in Erlanger, KY. WHERE? Why not Las Vegas? Or California? Or New York? Or Florida? Erlanger, Kentucky isn't far from the Vent Haven Museum. Vent...

Surfing The Internet

The other day I was surfing around the Internet and came across an article published by the New York Times on January 2, 2000. It's title: The Lives They Lived: Questions for Tim Robbins; Body Double You can read it here if you'd like ... The reporter...

Get More Shows – The Gig Challenge

Have you ever noticed how some entertainers whine they don't have any shows? I see it on social media all the time. That's a huge no-no! I outlined how it can hurt you in my Improving Your Vent Brand lecture from the 2017 Vent Haven ConVENTion. If your...

How To Engage Your Audience

As a ventriloquist you have a lot on your mind during a show. You must manipulate the puppet, synchronize its mouth, change your voice, remember your script, control your lips, etc. etc. These skills need to look effortless. If they don't, the audience...

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