Having trouble coming up with a script?

Do you need funny jokes?

In this article:

I am going to share 10 script ideas
you can use to create your own material.

With the focus on creating original material, it can be tough for the part time ventriloquist or hobbyist to develop something uniquely theirs.

One of the hardest parts for many is the idea.

How do you come up with a script idea?

Where do you go from there?

How do you write a script that is funny?

First, don’t put a ton of pressure on yourself. No one sits down and writes a funny script. You may develop the idea. You may put pen to paper. That doesn’t mean it will instantly be funny.

A script is a living, breathing entity. It tells a story, but to do so, it needs an audience.

You will find your script will morph over time. You will think of funnier lines and drop others that don’t get a laugh.

The more shows you do, the faster this will happen.

Back to the script ideas…

It helps to start with a bizarre circumstance. Something needs to happen, and the more off-the-wall it is, the greater the comedy can become.

Here are 10 script ideas that give you a direction. Where you take them will be up to your imagination.

(I list the puppet and vent as he – although that was just for writing purposes. Obviously he could be a she.)

1. Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde Scenario:
The puppet accidentally hits his head on the microphone stand / table / etc. It shakes it off, but suddenly has a whole new personality. (Ideas: Englishman / Country Hick / Secret Agent / child) He now thinks the ventriloquist is (an employee / police / a money-grubbing bum / an evil villian / Daddy or Mommy) How will the vent help him restore his memory – or will it be? What will happen in the meantime?

2. Charm School:
The puppet is learning the fine art of etiquette by taking lessons at a charm school. The problem is, he can’t remember what is proper and what he was told not to do.

Note: He could also be confused because he thought it was a charm making jewelry class – or he loves Lucky Charms and thought he’d be eating cereal.

3. Gambling Problem:
The puppet lost all his money. Even worse, he gambled away the vent’s money, house and car. Tries to convince the vent they are better off broke using all types of wacky reasons. So what was the bet he lost? Make it crazy.

4. New Glasses:
The puppet got new glasses at the dollar discount store. When he puts them on he is Mr. Magoo blind. Sees things that aren’t there. Confuses people’s sex (he thinks a man is a woman) etc. Maybe he got a two for one deal and the other pair is X-Ray.

5. Thick As Glue:
The character was using some new glue to fix something right before he came on stage. Next thing you know, he gets stuck to the ventriloquist. Arm gets stuck to hand, hand gets stuck inside, finally cheek to cheek. How will they get out of this mess?

6. No Day At The Spa:
Puppet thinks his wife/girlfriend’s life is easy. Always going to the spa and coming back beautiful. So he tells the tale of dressing as a woman to check it out – and the horrors that lie behind the spa doors.

7. The Time Machine:
Puppet claims he built a time machine and can travel backward and forward in time. Unfortunately the dial is stuck on right now. So he keeps transporting himself to the exact present moment. Maybe it then breaks and he transports himself two seconds backward in time and gets caught in a loop. What else could happen?

8. Bad Grades:
There have been a lot of “school routines” written over the years. What about using the concept that the puppet’s latest report card was straight Z’s! How could he possibly score so low? What is he even doing in school? Let’s come up with some great excuses.

9. My New Job:
Puppet got a job at a restaurant. He is an oven mitt and a dishrag. Naturally he is not enjoying his work.

10. The List:
Puppet has written a list of things he will NOT do that day. Most of them are outrageous – followed by one that should be done. When the vent explains he needs to do one of them, the puppet misunderstands and leaves to do the most outrageous.

What is your biggest script writing challenge? Let me know in the comments below: