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We here at Maher are delighted to carry on the great traditions set forth by Fred and Madeline Maher, our founders, and Clinton and Adelia Detweiler, who took it to the next level.  Because of the important contributions to ventriloquism that each of these people made, we wanted this website to be the best to reflect that ... and the Maher Course to still be the “gold standard” in learning this art.

Jody and I, along with partners Tom Crowl and Ken Groves, have developed some wonderful products and have made available again in Kindle form the Detweiler “Classic” Version of the Maher Course of Ventriloquism. We have also created the NEW Maher Interactive Course in Ventriloquism that applies some of the latest technologies such as video lessons, “Skype” and “Face To Face,” along with streamlining and reworking the course to make it perfect for YOU!  You will also be able to complete your studies and get a Maher Certificate to show you have the skills and knowledge to become a meaningful part of the vent community.

We have also reintroduced a working organization for vents called “The International Ventriloquist Society” or “IVS” with a bi-monthly (six issues per year) newsletter called the “IVS Spotlight,” which will feature videos, articles and information to help you be a better vent.

We’re excited ... and we KNOW you will be too.  Thanks for stopping by to visit the Maher Ventriloquist Studios.

Mark Wade
Executive Director

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